Leith 1974: Marianne Paget

This is Marianne Paget:

Marianne entered a story into the Scottish Book Trust My Favourite Place competition. Her favourite place was Leith in 1974.

Marianne’s story turned out to be one of the best in Scotland and it was selected for the My Favourite Place Anthology. 150,000 copies of the anthology will be given out for FREE during book week Scotland. You can get your copy here at Leith Library but there’s more…

We loved Marianne’s story so much we invited her to come to read it to you in the Library. Press the orange play button to meet Marianne and hear a sneak preview of Leith 1974 (or listen on soundcloud here).

Marianne will be sharing her Memories of Leith here in Leith Library during Book Week Scotland.

Join us on Saturday 1st December at 3.30pm – 4.30pm for readings about:

To book tickets call 0131 5295517, email leith.library@edinburgh.gov.uk or sign up on facebook. There will be cake!

Follow Marianne Paget on twitter or read more from her on her blog


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7 Responses to Leith 1974: Marianne Paget

  1. Fantastic blog, Ems. Looking forward to Book Week Scotland and Leith Library cake!

  2. Maggi Gibson says:

    Oooh! Can’t wait to read what happens next. Sounds great, Marianne!

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