Hello and welcome to Leith, Edinburgh, Scotland!

My name is Emily Dodd and I’m working for the Scottish Book Trust 2.5 days as the Reader in Residence here in Leith Library.

The library is 80 years old and it’s a wonderful place, full of stories. The stories are in the  books but also in the people here in Leith.

I’m here to help share the stories from inside the library.  I’ll be blogging about the events, projects and people. I’ll be taking pictures and recording audio but essentially I’ll be collecting and sharing stories with you.

I hope to encourage you to get involved and get talking about libraries, books and reading. I’d love to hear from you if you’d like to contribute.

I’ll also be training the staff here to blog so when I leave I know this blog will continue…

Podcasts With Teenagers

After Christmas I’ll be working with teenagers to make podcasts about the books they’re interested in.

They’ll be working together on all aspects of podcast production. They’ll develop the skills needed to produce their own podcasts. They will interview authors and review books. They can work towards SQA recognised qualifications,  it’s a really exciting project!

The podcasts will be shared across Scotland and well as being shared with you here on the Leith Library blog.

The Residency 

I started on the 24th September 2012 and my residency is one year. I’ll be working in the Library 2.5 days a week for 9 months and I’ll spend the last three months working on my own practice. That will be writing something, we’ll see what when the time comes.

I worked with Katie Swann at Leith Library to come up with a project proposal and we talked to local authors, agents, publishers, youth groups and Edinburgh City of Literature. Everyone was really supportive of this project.

We were invited for interview (hurrah!) and interviewed by a panel. Then we had to wait.  It’s was brilliant to hear our project was successful. Now we’re going to make it happen.

Five of us were appointed as Readers in Residence across Scotland,  you can read more about the five residencies on the Scottish Book Trust website. We don’t just sit around reading (although that would be great!), we’re all working on innovative approaches to reader development.

If you want to know a bit more about who I am, read about me on my blog here. Thanks to The Scottish Book Trust and Creative Scotland for funding this Residency. 


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