Teddy Bear Sleepover


The bears had a brilliant time at our sleepover last night!

We live tweeted the bears antics all night long but if you missed them on twitter you can see all of our photos in our Teddy Bear Sleepover album on facebook.

The bears loved our mystery book sculpture, read more about it here:


Hugless Douglas arrived in a box from all the way from Hodder Children’s in London!

IMG_20130619_133359  A naughty bear photocopied himself!


Two bears are hiding in this picture, can you spot them?


Our bears had lots of fun reading bear books!


They also raided the fridge, went to the toilet and look – I can see a bear bum!

IMG_20130619_175805IMG_20130619_180003IMG_20130619_175731 (1) 

Just now our bears are waiting for their owners in boxes with stickers, photos and books. They’ve had such a good time they’ve all written a postcard home!


Read more about our Teddy Bear Sleepover on the Leith Library blog, in the Edinburgh Evening News and in the Edinburgh Reporter. See profiles of the bears made by the bear owners before the sleepover on facebook here. See our sleepover album on facebook here


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Screenwriter (CBeebies), author of fiction and non fiction books, science communicator, storyteller and poet.
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11 Responses to Teddy Bear Sleepover

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  3. Maggi Gibson says:

    Aw, those photos are so cute! What a lovely note to leave on, Emily. All the best in your new ventures. 😀

  4. Elspeth says:

    Really made me smile but the one that made me laugh out loud was the naughty bear who photocopied himself 🙂 What a fabulous event!

    • auntyemily says:

      Thanks E. That was my bear, he always has been naughty. I suspect Sebastian and George Pig were all very much responsible too just not naughty enough to do it. Sebastian pressed the button…

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  8. Riel says:

    What a great event. Letting the teddy bears loose especially the naughty one who photocopied himself. LMAO

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