Book your Bear in for a Library Sleepover

On Wednesday 19th June we’re hosting our first teddy bears sleepover.

UPDATE: Find out how the bears got on on our blog here!


Just to warn you the bears probably won’t stay asleep in bed. Bears tend to get up to all sorts of fun things in the library when the doors are closed. We’ll be sharing photos of the teddy bear action all through the night via our twitter account.


Bring in your bear at 4pm on Wednesday 19th. 

We have twenty beds for bears that belong to children aged 3 – 5. 

When you arrive you’ll make a fab bear bookmark and we’ll get your bear registered. We’ll all have a bear story and we’ll sing some good night songs before we put the bears to bed.

You can come and collect your bear anytime the next day.  There will be a photo of your bear exploring the library to take away with you. Your bear will choose a free book too so you can bring that back with your bear. It really will be a great experience for your bear.

Book in My Bear!

If you live in Leith and would like to book in your bear please email with subject ‘Book in My Bear’ and include:

  • a photo or drawing of your bear
  • your bear’s name
  • who the bear belongs to: (optional, could be nickname, family etc)
  • your bear’s age
  • what is your bear like? (description)
  • what is your bear’s normal bedtime routine? (description)

We also need your name and your child’s name and age but we won’t share those on Facebook.

Teddy Bear Profiles

We’ve started a teddy bear profile album so we’ll add the bear profiles as them book in. We’ll include the info above so if you want to remain anonymous add a nickname to the ‘Who the bear belongs to’ bit.

My bear is very excited about staying over at the library so I’ve booked him in and made a profile so you get the idea:


Bear’s Name:  Bear (I know, not very original but it’s what I always called him)

Bear Belongs to: Aunty Emily

Bear Age: 30

What is your bear like? 

He’s brilliant! He likes stories, games and climbing up things. He likes having his tummy tickled. He’s kind to smaller bears but gets scared of bigger bears. He doesn’t like loud noises. He loves music. He’s a little shy when meeting new bears. He loves cake.

What is your bear’s normal bedtime routine? 

He likes a story and a wee dram. He usually stays up late (he’s not really a morning bear).

Sounds Fab

Hopefully you’ve got the idea! If you’re not able to email but wanted to drop a written version of the profile into us in the library that’s fine too. We just have twenty places so book your bear in soon to avoid disappointment.

Please remember the bear will need to be okay with staying over night in the library. Make sure his wee owner makes that very clear to the bear in case the bear is going to get upset about being without their owner for a night. If the bear is not going to be brave enough to stay we want to give his place to a bear that will stay.

We can’t wait to see what the bears get up to!

Follow what the bears are up to from 7pm on 19th June on our twitter account (you don’t need to be signed up to twitter to view this). We will update you with pictures of what the bears are doing every half an hour until morning so if you can’t sleep just take a peek! We’ll also add all the pictures to our facebook album the following day. 

UPDATE: Read all about our sleepover in the Edinburgh Evening News


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