Mystery Book Sculpture gifted to Leith Library

It came in a box:


It was addressed to us and to our Reader in Residence Emily Dodd (@auntyemily on twitter). We opened it to find this:


It’s a mystery book sculpture. There was a quote on the label too, from A. A. Milne:


The mystery book sculptor strikes again!

Literary organisations around Edinburgh have been gifted these wonderful book sculptures. They’re usually delivered to big places. The Scottish Story Telling Centre, The National Museums of Scotland, The Scottish Poetry Library.


We’re a community library so we’re proud to have chosen by the artist as the recipient of her wonderful work. You can read more about the book sculptures here. Or borrow Gifted from your local library.

Our sculpture seems to be a gift in support of what we’ve been doing to promote reading via social media and through the Scottish Book Trust Residency. Here’s what the Scottish Book Trust said about it:

Scottish Book Trust is delighted that one of our Readers in Residence has received one of these amazing homages to literature. Emily puts her heart and soul into delivering innovative projects around reading at Leith Library, and as such she is a truly worthy beneficiary of one of these unique creations, inspired as they are by a love of books, reading, and libraries.

Here’s what Liz McGettigan, Edinburgh Libraries Information and Services Manager said about it:

What a unique and wonderful way to support libraries! We’re absolutely delighted to see Leith Library has received this exquisite book sculpture.

Our Reader in Residence Emily Dodd (@auntyemily) said:

I can’t quite believe it, it’s such a wonderful thing to have happened in my last month as Reader in Residence at Leith Library!

How was it delivered?

Colin from the housing office took the delivery. He said it was a man in his seventies. The man said “Libraries are special places”. We agree.

Soon after the sculpture arrived we had calls from the Edinburgh Evening News and Chris Scott (Literary paparazzi). Here are a couple of Chris’s beautiful photos, the rest of his photos are here.

Perparing to Fly 2/3

Perparing to Fly 2/3

Here’s what the Evening News wrote.

Come and see it!

As a library we’re really excited to have received this wonderful gift. The book sculpture is on display at the front desk so please do pop in and see it:


Check out our mystery book sculpture album on facebook


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Screenwriter (CBeebies), science communicator, storyteller, author, podcaster and poet. @auntyemily on twitter (:
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21 Responses to Mystery Book Sculpture gifted to Leith Library

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  2. It’s my favourite of the sculptures so far! And Leith Library is wonderful.

  3. Maggi Gibson says:

    That is so wonderful, Emily! What an amazing gift to receive in your last couple of weeks. Congratulations!

  4. Louise Kelly says:

    Utterly adorable (both the sculpture and aunty emily!)

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  6. Changeworker says:

    This is very cool indeed – testament to your impact as an influential and inspiring reader in residence Emily – we expected nothing less!

  7. Marianne says:

    Its a testament to your fantastic work with the library and the community!

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  14. That is the coolest thing ever!

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