Veggies in the Library

This morning I visited Leith McDonald Road Library but not for a book. I went to check out the new fruit and vegetable market. Here’s a video of my experience:

The  Edinburgh Community Food  market alternates between Leith McDonald Road Library and Leith Library every Friday morning between 10am and 12 noon from now until Christmas. Find out more on the Leith Library blog here.

Say hello to volunteers Laura and Ross:

I loved the giant red onions – much bigger than an apple!

Also, free range eggs are 99p – total bargain:

The market needs volunteers to help deliver fruit and vegetables to people who can’t easily leave their homes.  If you would like to help call 0131 467 7326 and speak to Emma at Edinburgh Community Food.

Thanks to stall holders Laura and Ross and to the customers who shared their experience on camera.


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Screenwriter (CBeebies), science communicator, storyteller, author, podcaster and poet. @auntyemily on twitter (:
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10 Responses to Veggies in the Library

  1. What a great idea and this library is just round the corner from me too and Leith Library isn’t that far the other way and just down form my aunt’s. So, like you Emily, I know where `I’ll be doing my fruit and veg shopping from now on – hey hey 🙂 by the way, loved the video!

  2. Woolyfeet says:

    This looks great! But I work mon-fri 9-5 so I’ll miss out on it like a lot of people.

    • auntyemily says:

      Thanks Woolyfeet, this is a pilot project run by Edinburgh Community food so it’s great to get feedback and I’ll pass it on to them. Out of interest when would be an ideal time for the market?

  3. Lovely onions, missus! And great photos. What a brilliant idea – food for the mind and the body at Leith Library!

  4. Drew Campbell says:

    Viewed this just as the mid-afternoon munchies took hold! Great idea and really interesting to see people using a library in such a different way. Also learning lots from following your blog!. Cheers Emily!

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