Animal Mashups at Leith Library


We’re running a competition for the Easter holidays inspired by the film ‘The Croods’. It’s for primary school children and the idea is simple, pick two animals and draw a mashup of the two. For example Katie (above) drew a wonderful elegator (elephant and alligator) and Cameron created a gorgeous rainbow giraffe-hip:


Earlier this week we invited illustrator Rachel Everitt to the library to run a drawing workshop to help with the competition. Here she is:


We started the workshop by playing games. The children drew a section of an animal and passed the paper on. Here are some of the animals they ended up with:


Then Rachel demonstrated techniques to get textures like using finger printing to make scales or feathers and she showed us how to use white wax candle to add stripes. Everyone was impressed to see the stripes appear when she painted over them.

Johnny (5) used both techniques to make his fabulous pengu-saur:


Adam (5) also used finger painting and the candle to create the brilliant Bebra (bird and zebra), I love her feet:


We’ve put all of our competition entries into an album on our Facebook page, you can find them here (even if you don’t use Facebook you can still view this album).


Children have until the 13th April to get their animal mashup to us to win all of these goodies. 

Read more about the competition on our blog here. Borrow the Croods books from the library.

Watch The Croods movie trailer on YouTube here:


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4 Responses to Animal Mashups at Leith Library

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  2. Maggi Gibson says:

    Love these! Must have a try myself…

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