Book Week Scotland Leith: Day 3 Highlights

We visited Alien Rock Climbing Wall, Mecca Bingo, Stein’s Garage, The Haven Cafe and Leith Victoria Swim Centre to give people free ‘My Favourite Place‘ books and ask people what they love reading.

We also caught up with our Library Link Group and Knitting Group here in the library. Here are the photo and video highlights:

Library Advisors Dianne and Maria all ready to go at the bingo:

We met a few Leith locals including Myra and Margaret:

And these two:

Then we called in at Stein’s Garage to meet Pat, George and Craig.

Next stop was Leith Victoria Swim Centre. Here’s Daniel on the door:

Then we met instructor Adrian. He was reading his copy of My Favourite Place while working out:

Here’s a video of him in action, we love Adrian and his Movember moustache! Watch the video on youtube:

Next we went to Alien Rock, a climbing wall in a converted church down at Newhaven Harbour. Here’s Tim the instructor reading his free book on the climbing wall:

Then we went for a much-needed cup of tea and some cake at the Haven Cafe:

At 6.30pm we challenged the knitting group to knit their own Scotland:

Meet the knitting group and find out about their Book Week Scotland challenge here.

I should mention we also had a visit from the Library Link Group. They loved their books and I recorded some of them talking about what they liked reading too (audio coming soon!):

You can keep up to date with all the Book Week Scotland action from us in Leith on twitter and facebook. Find out what we’re up to the rest of the week here. There will be cake, book making, vegetables, singing and authors sharing their Memories of Leith.


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9 Responses to Book Week Scotland Leith: Day 3 Highlights

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  2. Kate says:

    The video of Adrian in the gym is an absolute classic. Love it!

  3. he is sooo into “My favourite Place”love it!x

    Helen McKinnes

    Date: Thu, 29 Nov 2012 17:41:25 +0000 To:

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