Millie Gray is a massive hit!

Earlier today I had a phone call from local author Millie Gray:


Millie had some good news. She called to let us know that last year 20,000 people borrowed her books from UK Libraries. That’s a huge number, the previous year it was 4000.

She phoned to say thank you because the increase happened after we wrote about her on our blog: Leith 1907: Millie Gray. The blog included an audio clip of Millie talking about old Leith and a clip from Jean (92) who wanted to tell Millie how much she loved Millie’s Books. Listen to the audio on soundcloud here.

We also held an event here in the library for Book Week Scotland with three local writers called ‘Memories of Leith‘.


So with Memories of Leith, the blogs and the social media sharing surrounding it all the borrowing of her books increased fivefold.

It totally made my day to get the call from Millie Gray. She was telling me she wants to get her books made into a TV drama next, she wanted some advice on that.

It’s wonderful to see how social media can make such a measurable difference and thanks to all of you who’ve helped to make it happen.


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