Mythical Maze with a Leith Twist

10464081_10152540215494189_6275619187234156935_nIf you felt the artwork had an extra special feel this year, you would be right. After the Tesco sponsored launch of last year’s summer programme we were approached again by the Reading Agency to involve some of our young people in designing the reading challenge for this year. Some of our most enthusiastic readers and creative writers attend Holy Cross Primary and their P7s class were invited to participate in the consultative process for 2014’s reading challenge. As the sun set on 2013’s Creepy House challenge Holy Cross pupils met with author and illustrator Sarah McIntyre to explore the Mythical Maze theme. Sarah had some ideas about creatures she could draw and soon the children were contributing their ideas – a yeti, a unicorn, the Loch Ness Monster and even a ‘fat goth mermaid’. As Sarah sketched, details were added such as more scales, glasses for Nessie and so on.

9 months later the school had a secret preview of the Mythical Maze publicity and other materials ready for the launch of the Mythical Maze. The designs are well known through almost every school in the city as the library teams promote our summer reading challenge at assemblies and classes through the summer term ready for a host of weekly events from July to August. The Mythical Maze logo is a familiar sight promoting libraries across the country.
Holy Cross continued in their advisory capacity by suggesting activities for Leith Library’s programme this summer. Everything from designing clothes for a Leprechaun to making nose rings to a Minotaur. Their first idea came into being with Monster in the Loch activities in Leith last week.!/LeithLibrary/photos/pcb.10152513683576702/10152513678516702/?type=1&theater
Sarah will meet her Holy Cross friends again on Friday 22nd August when she returns for the medal giving ceremony.


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