Treasure, Books and a Parrot


Ahoy there land lovers! Well done to the pirates of Leith who solved the clues online to find our secret pirate location for World Book Night. We were waiting on the Leith Agency barge with copies of Treasure Island, prizes and a parrot. Arrr!

Pirate Leia was the first to find us:


She took home a copy of treasure island and a £10 Tesco voucher (after a wee sword fight with her pirate mum over which prize they should go for):


Pirate Isla was our littlest pirate. She had a good look at Bongo: 20130423_174541

And almost lost her hat to him:


She loved her prize ‘My Granny is a Pirate’:


Pirate Fiona looks like she’s done this before:


She took home Treasure Island and pirate snap for little pirate Rory (who was a little camera-shy). Pirate Lechlan claimed a hat and sword along with his copy of Treasure Island:


Pirate Eric brought us some copies of his world book night book:


We saluted Pirate Jim and the Leith Agency crew for letting us board their boat and fly the pirate flag:


Lastly we the crew were Captain Colm, Pirate Emily and 1st Mate Victoria:


Back at Leith Library (pirate HQ) the staff joined in too, here’s pirate Steven:


Pirate Diane:


Pirate George:


And Pirate Colin from the Housing Office (a very polite pirate):


The next day Helen even ran a pirate themed Bookbug session:


Arr me hearties. We hope you all enjoy your free copies of Treasure Island for World Book Night and remember you can borrow free books from the library all year round!

I wrote about my experience of being a pirate for the day here.


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