Pirate Treasure Hunt for World Book Night

UPDATE: The treasure hunt has started, solve the clues here!

We’ve borrowed a pirate parrot (Bongo the giant golden macaw):


We’ve got pirate hats and hooks:


We’ve got a secret pirate location in Leith!

We’ve got treasure:


Tuesday 23rd of April is World Book Night. We’re celebrating by giving away copies of Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic “Treasure Island” but you have to find us first….

Clues about the history and geography of Leith will be released during the day and must be deciphered using our fab new Our Town Stories website, ar me hearties!

You’ll be looking at old photos of Leith and solving clues that were written by a team of poetic pirates. Each clue will lead you to a letter or number and when you put them all together you’ve cracked our secret pirate (post)code.

Then you just need to put your best pirate feet forward and journey into deepest darkest Leith to our secret pirate postcode location and look for the pirate flag. The flag will lead you to the pirates and there you will claim your booty. You’ll also get your pirate portrait taken with a real parrot and don’t worry, we’ve got spare hats and hooks so you’ll look the pirate part.

There’s treasure hidden in the treasure too! 

As if pirate portraits, parrots and copies of Treasure Island weren’t enough… if you’re thirsty we’ll pour you a pirate punch and you can check inside your copy of treasure island to see if there’s even more treasure. Local businesses who love books have donated prizes. You might win

Tickets to Royal Yacht Britannia:


Pirate breakfast at the Haven Cafe:


A £10 Tesco Voucher!

Knit Your Own Scotland:


Pirate stickers:


If you’re a local business and you want to donate some treasure to our pirate treasure hunt then email Pirate Emily at leith.library@edinburgh.gov.uk.

You can find the pirate booty between 4pm and 6pm. The first twenty people to get to us get the booty. Pick up a clue sheet from Leith Library in person on Tuesday or check the Leith Library blog, twitter and facebook where we’ll be releasing the clues on Tuesday. Happy reading me hearties!

This is not the first time we’ve written about pirates on our blog, we love pirates! Read about pirate Bookbug here.


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5 Responses to Pirate Treasure Hunt for World Book Night

  1. This looks amazing. I’ve always loved treasure maps.. and you’ve got a real parrot too! Looking forward to hearing about it.

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