Clothes Swap, Cake and Stories Party


We’re having a clothes swap party on Saturday 27th April from 2pm – 4pm and we’d love it if you joined us. The idea is you bring clothes that don’t fit or clothes you don’t really wear. They’re nice clothes but you swap them for something that fits you or suits you better. It’s fun and it’s free.


The library is all about stories so we’ll be giving our brown luggage tags for you to write the story behind a favourite top or an old handbag. We’ll be swapping stories and clothes!

Afternoon Tea

We’ve got afternoon tea on tap from Home is Where the Cake is. It will be served in china cups, there will be Victorian cake stands and fancy table cloths. There will be gluten free and sugar free cakes (using only natural sugars – honey etc) and of course full fat sugary wheaty yummy cakes. And cupcakes, there will be cupcakes!

Clothes Customisation and Repairs

We’re also offering a customisation and repair stand so you can work on your clothes throughout the session with help from our dress maker (and cake baker) Claire Walter.

How does it work this clothes swap thing?

When you arrive you’ll get a voucher for the number of items you bring and that’s how many items you can take away. We’ll have a rag and scrag bag so if you bring something tattered that won’t count, it will go in the rag bag.

From 2pm until 3pm people will arrive, eat cake, write stories, share stories, try on clothes (there are three changing rooms) and generally have a good time.

Just before 3pm we’ll have a story circle where you can read the story of one of your items if you want to. The stories will be short and sweet – they fit on a luggage tag.

At 3pm we will ring the bell. That’s when you go and get the items you want. No pushing anyone over to get that gorgeous red dress (:

And then we eat more cake, share more stories and customise clothes. At the end, if anything is left over and everyone’s had chance to get the items that they want you can take the left overs.

And what ever if left after that will go to a charity shop.

Please do let us know if you’re coming – we need to know numbers for cake. Sign up to the event on Facebook here (and please do invite friends) or email us at


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Screenwriter (CBeebies), science communicator, storyteller, author, podcaster and poet. @auntyemily on twitter (:
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