Goodbye Katie Swann!

On Friday we said goodbye to our brilliant team leader Katie Swann. Katie was the boss of the library. Here she is with a giant book:


She’s become a Neighbourhood Partnership Officer on a 1 year secondment, that means she’s based in town. This week she’s running a litter pick on the Royal Mile amongst other things. We wish her all the best in her new post.

I asked each staff member to tell me one thing they remember that Katie did well, here’s what they said:

She still managed to come in even when she got knocked off her bike, that’s commitment!

If you asked her to chase something she always followed through and got back to you.

It was her that pushed to get the computer clubs up and running again, we’d been trying for two years but she got it started.

She was my partner in crime, she always came up with great ideas!

Katie was always very efficient and organised. On a personal note she always made sure I had time to do my frontline training EVEN by covering the desk herself.

Sitting opposite Katie meant we shared lots of stories. She’s easy to work with and good fun on a night out.

She was great at filling in for Bookbug Sessions, she always made the babies smile…

As the resident newbie, I can only reiterate what a friendly and welcoming intro to the job she gave me.

Here she is at her goodbye drinks (it’s actually a pint of water not vodka):


And as for me, I wouldn’t be writing this to you now if it wasn’t for Katie. There would be no Reader in Residence at Leith Library and no blog either. Katie from me thanks for being up for putting in an application with me and for supporting me all the way through the post. Thanks for all your ideas and encouragement. I’ll miss you!



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1 Response to Goodbye Katie Swann!

  1. Maggi Gibson says:

    Good luck, Katie! 🙂

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