Scots Together in the Library

This Friday afternoon we’re hosting Scots Together at the library. Come along to find out how to join Scots Together and save money on your energy bills.

But what is it?

UK Together started down south at the Eden Project. The idea was if lots of people join together and buy energy as a group it works out loads cheaper. Here’s a video here to explain:

How do I find out more?

Find out more with Changeworks at the Library this Friday (15th March) between 2pm and 4pm. Bring along energy bills if you want to work out how much you can save.

This is one of many drop-in events in Edinburgh, find the rest here or join Scots Together online by 17th March here.

If you’re into saving energy (and money) and you like gadgets why not borrow a real-time energy monitor from the library? They tell you how much energy your household appliances use when you turn them on so you can use them to work out where to make savings.


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