Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Repair in the Library

This Friday we hosted a 4 Rs Roadshow in the Library.  The roadshow is touring Edinburgh libraries, it’s free too so if you get a chance do go along. Here’s how it went in pictures.

This is Hannah from Remade in Edinburgh. She helped the young people to make strawberries (see Morgan’s pink strawberry at the front):


Changeworks Zero Waste Scotland Volunteers were about with help, advice and a rubbish game – popular with the little ones:


I came away with a food clip, spaghetti measurer and a pencil made from old CD cases.

Ryan for the waste team in the Council answered loads of tough questions about recycling collections:


I ordered a new blue box from him and picked up a pen made from old bank notes (thank you Ryan).

Jaimie MacDonald  worked with the children to make jewellery from reused materials:


The children seemed to really enjoy this, one of our regular boys made a necklace for his Mum for Mother’s Day and a bracelet for his sister’s birthday.

This is Sylvia from Remade in Edinburgh  doing laptop repairs:


I took a slow notebook to her, here’s what Sylvia did to make it faster:

1) She explained I had two different virus programmes that were effectively fighting each other. It’s like having too many cooks in the kitchen, you end up with a mess. She took one of the programmes off, I now have just one notebook cook.

2) She stopped several of the programmes from starting up when I switch on, now they’ll only start when I need them.

3) She put a shortcut on my programme menu so I could easily defrag the disk. If you imagine a bookshelf with spaces left from books taken out and put back somewhere else – defragging is closing up all the spaces and making the bookshelf tidy again, hurrah!

4) She put a shortcut on my programme menu so I could run a disk cleanup to free up more space.

5) She explained how I could double the speed of the computer by buying another stick of ram. Ram is what makes the computer run programmes so if you increase it they can run faster. A computer shop will sell it and probably fit it for free and it would be under £20, fab!

All in all a great help. I’ve got a much faster notebook already and I can double the speed of it for less than £20. They great thing about Remade in Edinburgh is that they show you how to fix things so you can do them yourself in the future.

The 4Rs Roadshow is currently touring Edinburgh libraries. Upcoming tour dates are

  • Stockbridge: 13th Mar, 3pm to 5pm
  • McDonald Road: 14th Mar, 2pm to 4pm
  • Granton: 19th Mar, 3pm to 5pm

Read more about the roadshow on the Leith Library blog here.


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