We Need Teenagers!

There’s something missing in the Teenage Zone at the library:


It’s teenagers! We’re looking for creative teenagers with a passion for communication, media and young adult fiction. Is that you?

We need your help to share what’s hot and what’s not in young adult fiction and we know the best people to tell the world about that is you (young people). We want to produce some brilliant podcasts, podcasts created for young people, by young people. Did we mention we need young people to make it happen?

If this is for you then read on. If not please don’t forget it, – pass it on to someone who might be just perfect, thanks!

What you can expect?

  • Four workshop sessions at Leith Library (1.5 hours each)
  • A tour of Sonic Lodge recording studio (opposite the library)
  • An opportunity to meet and interview a published author
  • Your opinions and ideas to be valued
  • Hot chocolate, cake and fruit at the start of every session

We’ll be working in the Teenage Zone at Leith Library. As you can see it includes two teenage computers, loads of young adult fiction books and a leather sofa. It’s your space and you’re welcome to use it anytime you want when the library is open.

What are we looking for?

  • Creativity, ideas, enthusiasm and a desire to learn
  • A passion for communication, media and young adult fiction

Note: Previous experience of recording and editing audio is not necessary

Who will you be working with?


Our Reader in Residence Emily Dodd will be running the workshops. Emily has eight years experience of writing and delivering workshops for young people. She first trained to edit audio with BBC radio and has produced multiple podcasts as a freelancer since then. Emily is a storyteller, poet and a screenwriter for CBeebies.

Are you ready to:

  • Attend all four workshops (and turn up on time)
  • Work in a small group (pairs or group of four)
  • Respect the views and ideas your team members have
  • Give honest feedback on this project (we need your help)
  • Be willing to read or listen to an audio book by the author you are interviewing (at least one person in the group needs to do this)
  • Help share the finished podcast

By the end of the project you will have:

  • The skills needed to plan, record, edit and share a podcast
  • Experience to put on your CV
  • Knowledge on where to go to learn more
  • The opportunity to come back and work with another group as a podcast mentor
  • The opportunity to contribute to the Leith Library blog as an Ambassador

The podcast you produce will be shared across Scotland via the Leith Library Blog, Edinburgh City of Literature, The Scottish Book Trust, Edinburgh City Libraries Blog and through many other channels. 

Sign Me Up!

To apply you need to fill in the application form below and email it to leith.library@edinburgh.gov.uk with the subject ‘Podcast Project Application’. Click on the links below to download an application form.

12 – 14 years PDF: pod12to14ap or Word doc: pod12to14ap

15 – 18 years PDF: pod15to18ap or Word doc: pod15to18ap

You’ll need one referee to support your application. This could be a teacher, youth worker, friend or relative. They must be over 18 and you need to ask them if they are happy to support you. We’ll phone them if you are successful.

Deadline for applications is 5pm on Friday 22nd March. Good luck!

About auntyemily

Screenwriter (CBeebies), author of fiction and non fiction books, science communicator, storyteller and poet.
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