Sew your Trousers and Repair your Laptop at the Library

299831_226837280703978_786606227_nDo your trousers need sewing?

Would you like to free up some space on your computer?
Would like to make some funky recycled crafts?
Would you like to stop junk mail or reduce your food waste?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions you’re in luck. Over the next few weeks there’s a 4Rs roadshow touring Edinburgh libraries and you get all of the above for FREE!

Just to clarify the four Rs are… Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Repair!


Edinburgh Council recycling advisors will be on hand to help you to find out more about the recycling services on offer here in Edinburgh.

Creative reuse maker and educator Jaimie MacDonald will help you to create simple and playful decorative items from reused materials (suitable for families).


Remade in Edinburgh will provide a repair drop in session where you can bring your clothes and lap top to get advice on how to repair and mend them.

Changeworks Zero Waste Scotland Volunteers will provide practical advice and information on reducing waste.

Zero Waste Scotland

Tour Dates:

Muirhouse: 13th Feb, 11am to 1pm

Blackhall: 23rd Feb, 11am to 1pm

Leith: 8th Mar, 1pm to 3pm (Hurrah! That’s us)

Stockbridge: 13th Mar, 3pm to 5pm

McDonald Road: 14th Mar, 2pm to 4pm

Granton: 19th Mar, 3pm to 5pm

You may recognise the person on the left holding up a circular arrow made of bottles – I was a Zero Waste Scotland Volunteer back in the day!


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6 Responses to Sew your Trousers and Repair your Laptop at the Library

  1. staffseen says:

    Zero waste is a bold leap forward. Good luck with all you are doing. We may start similar schemes here one day. Thanks for sharing your efforts.

  2. Changeworker says:

    Brilliant idea! We absolutely love it.

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