Comedian in the Library

This is Keara Murphy:


Keara is a Leither and a comedian. She’s been writing her brand new one-woman show ‘Mice and Men’ here in the library. We caught up with Keara to find out more about her show. Watch the video on Youtube here

Mice and Men previews in Leith at The Granary on the 13th, 14th and 15th February. After that you can see Keara at the Glasgow Comedy Festival and then at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Read about Mice and Men below.

Mice and Men

A Black Dingo Production…
Directed by John Paul McGroarty

Whilst preparing her annual Burns Supper speech, a wee mousie popped its head out from under Keara’s couch to ask, politely, if he could share her rice. After a courteous conversation involving a hammer, Keara pondered the line in Robert Burns’, To A Mouse: “A daimen icker in a thrave’s a sma’ request”. Should Keara grant the mousie’s request or lay down fifty shades of warfarin for the wee blighter? If we continue to treat mice ‘humanely’ will they eventually take over the telly? – It’s already happened in Leith!

And, what of men? Are they not just gigantic mice? After extensive on-the-job research, Keara thinks this may be so. Therefore, like Rabbie Burns before her, Keara muses the parallels between the species and laments.

“She’s Eddie Izzard with less make-up and more Glasgow” list

“Exudes Glaswegian charm.” Scotsman

“Intelligent Burns banter” Friday Fix

“Passionate, enthusiastic and deeply knowledgeable about Robert Burns” SLTA

Check out Keara Murphy’s website or follow her on twitter.


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  2. Drew says:

    “Men should only squeak when spoken to.” – Jean Armour

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