Hamda Dancing in the Library

This is Hamda:


One of his tasks is to drive the van to deliver boxes of books between libraries. We know him as ‘The Van Man’. What you might not realise is Hamda The Van Man is a hula-hoop dancer:


He’s invented his own style of dancing, the Hamda Dance! This afternoon he danced the Hamda in the library. Watch the video of Hamda dancing in the library on YouTube here

So next time you need a book from one of our Edinburgh libraries spare a thought for the van man, it might be Hamda the hula-hoop dancer!

You can order books from any of our libraries and get them delivered here to Leith Library free of charge. We cannot guarantee Hamda will deliver them.

You can find Hamda dancing on the stage here or in the studio here.


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Screenwriter (CBeebies), science communicator, storyteller, author, podcaster and poet. @auntyemily on twitter (:
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6 Responses to Hamda Dancing in the Library

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  4. hooppixie says:

    Hello, i write for hooping.org and am hoping to get in touch with Hamda,to talk to him about his hoop dancing! Could you please pass him my email address, neon.pixie@hotmail.co.uk.
    thank you! Sophie x

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