Noise in the Library

Something strange is happening in the Library, look behind the bookshelf:


Who are these muscly visitors?:


And what are those strange sounds coming from the children’s corner? Listen to the building work on soundcloud here

Leith Library is 80 years old, it’s a listed building with beautiful windows but we want it to be warm and energy efficient. So we’re getting secondary glazing fitted to the inside of every window, you can’t see it from the outside but from the inside it looks like this:


The muscly builders will be gone by next week but the staff wanted to point out that they can be muscly too:


We’re sorry it’s noisy in the library this week. Don’t worry, we will get back to normal next week.


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Screenwriter (CBeebies), science communicator, storyteller, author, podcaster and poet. @auntyemily on twitter (:
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2 Responses to Noise in the Library

  1. mwheelaghan says:

    I love old buildings and especially old, attractive windows but I like being warm even better, so this is good news about the new windows. Looks like the workers are doing a great job. Nice pics 😉

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