Leith Library Book Group

Meet the Leith Library Book Group:


They’re holding their January Scottish Fiction lucky dip titles.

Normally they all read the same book and they meet on the 2nd Tuesday of every month from 6.45pm – 7.45pm at Leith Library.

What happens?

Meet Library Officer Linda, she’s preparing for the group to arrive and I interviewed her to find out what she does to support the group. Watch the video on youtube here


Meet the book group leader, Annie Taylor. I interviewed her just after last night’s book group finished to find out exactly how it works. Watch the video on youtube here

The good news is you’ll be hearing from the book group again.  Each month they’ll be blogging a book review on the Leith Library blog, hurrah!

The Book Group haven’t chosen all of their titles for the year but when they do we’ll add them to this blog so you can join in at home. Or why not just come along and join them in person? 


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