Festive Furballs

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It was inspired by our Team Leader’s Dog Marag. He won pooch of the month in The Leither Magazine. Our library dog Whisky got jealous and climbed the Christmas tree. We asked you if you could do better and Festive Fur Balls began…

A week later we had 50 entries including Inverclyde Libraries Oscar the gerbil sitting in a santa hat the National Museums of Scotland’s pony next to a tree decorated with carrots.

oscar the gerbilChristmas Pony olliephoto

We had entries from all over the world! STV featured our competition too, read it here.

Thank you to everyone who entered!

Today we voted. We each selected our top 5 fur balls from our Festive Fur Balls Facebook Album. We considered creativity, composition and cuteness. The Fur Ball with the most votes was the winner. Here are the results…


Best Furless Fur Ball goes to Toothless the axolotl.

FACT:Toothless is a rare amphibian. They can regrow their limbs.  Regeneration isn’t just for Time Lords, crabs and starfish…

Toothless was tweeted to us by Kirsten Usher. She said he was looking for a white xmas. Well done Toothless!


Best Sketched Fur Ball goes to Fergus sketched by Edinburgh Sketcher.

FACT: Fergus belongs to Mariota Dunning and she kindly gave permission for the Edinburgh Sketcher to add some festive touches to their pet portrait.


Best Photoshopped Fur Ball goes to Angel photoshopped by Kevin Cadwallender. He said

This is ‘Angel’ my cat. She is quiet, sensitive and has a heart murmur. I wouldn’t put her through the stress of dressing her up but I’ve done it humanely with my computer.


Best Fur Ball Nativity goes to the Felted Festive Fur Ball Nativity tweeted to us by Elspeth Murray.

FACT: Elspeth got her felt Fur Balls from Felt in Devon. Elspeth also entered a puppet dog and a bear and a rabbit into our competition.

Felted Nativity

Best Deceased Fur Ball goes to ‘The Badger’ emailed to us from Anthea and Alec Dodd. They said

This badger stood still long enough to be decorated! (20 Years).

christmas badger

Best Fur Ball in a Jumper goes to ‘Twiggles’ tweeted to us from Google Local Edinburgh



We have Tye from Diane Kent:



We Have Bailey Lighting Up Christmas tweeted to us by Kirsten Usher:


Congratulations to Holly The Christmas Reindeer from Isabelle Phillips:


You have won a copy of ‘Knit Your Own Scotland’!


Highly commended entries win a slice of cake or a piece of fruit to be redeemed at Leith Library.

Find all of our entries on facebook and find the tweeted entries on Pinterest.


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