Preserve Your Memories

Author Miles Tubb came into the library to give our Library Advisor Diane a bag full of presents. The unusual thing about the presents was they all had Diane’s face on them:


There was a bag, a coaster, a bracelet and even jam:


Miles used to work at Oxgangs library with Diane before he started his new job with the Living Memory Association. Just before he left Oxgangs library he asked his colleagues if they had any photos of Edinburgh, and Diane did.

Miles went on to publish Britain in old Photographs: Edinburgh:


It includes these photos of Diane as a child:




Diane said:

It was really kind and a big surprise!

It also made me smile. I wasn’t expecting to see my face spread around the place.

I won’t be collecting royalties on their advertising!

Having your face appear on a jam is certainly one way to ‘preserve’ your memories.


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