We’re on Pinterest

You can now find Leith Library on Pinterest.


Pinterest is an online pinboard. You don’t have to be a ‘pinner’ (person who pins) to see our pins, find them all here.

How does it work?

If you’re online and you see an image you like you can ‘pin it’. That means you add it to one of your pinboards. Other people can follow your pinboards and if they like something you pin they can repin it onto one of their pinboards.

I’ve got a friend who’s an animator and one of the things I love about visiting her studio is her pinboard. It’s covered in pictures and postcards of things that inspire her. That’s what pinterest is recreating. It’s a place to put things that interest you, make you smile or make you think.

The added bonus is if you click on a pin you’ll be taken to the original website the image was featured on. So it’s visual and informative.

Our Boards

We’ve created four pinboards so far. I had a think about the things that have been most popular on our blog and facebook page and I’ve based the boards around that. Click on the links below to browse our boards. They are:


Coming Soon to a Pin Board near You!

In the new year I’d like to start a pin board for the Bookgroup. I could pin all the books they will be reading in 2013 along with the dates for the book. It will be a useful for anyone in or considering joining the Book Group and they could click on any book to read more about it.

What Inspires you?

What boards would you like to see on the Leith Libraries Pinterest?


About auntyemily

Screenwriter (CBeebies), science communicator, storyteller, author, podcaster and poet. @auntyemily on twitter (:
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