Book Week Scotland Leith: Day 1 Highlights

Yesterday we visited the Kirkgate Shopping Centre, the Cats Protection League, Kirkgate Barbers and a church to ask the people of Leith what they love reading.

We gave out free ‘My Favourite Place‘ Books and  flyers for our Memories of Leith event this Saturday.

Here are our Day 1 highlights:

The Kirkgate

We arrived and bumped into Ranji one of our regulars – this is her with Lelia from the library:

Here she is talking about what she loves reading (watch on youtube here):

This is Dorothy and Laurna:

Here’s Lacey the dog enjoying a copy at the bus stop:

Here’s Leithers Christine and Agnes:

This is Leanne at the Kirkgate Barbers, we gave everyone in there a copy:

Casselbank Street

Then we headed down to the Cats Protection League. This is Smokey dreaming of a new home after reading about other peoples favourite places:

We popped into Destiny Church across the road, this is Judith one of the staff members:

Here she is talking about the books she loves (watch the video on youtube here):

You can keep up to date with all the Book Week Scotland action from us in Leith on twitter and facebook. Find out what’s we’re up to in Leith the rest of the week here. There will be cake, book making, vegetables, singing and authors sharing their Memories of Leith.


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Screenwriter (CBeebies), author of fiction and non fiction books, science communicator, storyteller and poet.
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