We’re on Twitter

Just a quick blog to let you know @LeithLibrary is now on twitter.

We loved this illustration of Leith Library by Edinburgh Sketcher:

So we’ve made it our twitter avatar (big thanks to Edinburgh Sketcher).

We’ve launched our twitter in 2012, the same year we celebrated our 80th birthday. Read about our 80th birthday on STV Local here.  This is Leith library when it opened in 1932 – tram tracks and everything:

Yes we’re 80 and the word on the cobbled street is:

You’re never too old to tweet.

Book Week Scotland

Next week it’s Book Week Scotland. Our twitter account has been approved  in time for us to go out and about in Leith to tweet audio and videos of Leithers talking about the books they love. What books do you love?

Don’t worry if you’re not on twitter. We’ll be posting clips onto our facebook page and we’ll be uploading content onto the blog too.

If you want to follow all of the Book Week Scotland action on twitter the hash tag is #BWS2012.


About auntyemily

Screenwriter (CBeebies), author of fiction and non fiction books, science communicator, storyteller and poet.
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