Pirates in Leith

Bookbug is dressed as a pirate:

Helen and Pirate Bookbug spent this week visiting Leith nurseries, arrr they have. They’ve been singing pirate songs and giving pirate packs full of books to every three-year old they’ve met on their Leith pirate adventure. They’ve been crafty pirates too:

Leith Nursery made pirate masks:

The Fort Early Years Centre made pirate puppets:

If you’d like a sneak peek inside the pirate pack then watch this video of Helen and Pirate Bookbug exploring the pack together:

Bookbug Pirate Packs are given to every three-year old in Scotland, shiver me timbers that’s good! Read more on the Scottish Book Trust website.

Bookbug Sessions take place here at Leith Library on the first and third Tuesday and second and fourth Wednesday of the month from 10.30am to 11.15am. Find out more about Bookbug on the Leith Library Blog here.

If you’re a grown up and you want to know how to talk like a pirate the how to talk like a pirate website is useful.


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